Published: PST/STO Artificial Superlattice Thin Films

Our paper entitled “(Pb0.9Sr0.1)TiO3/SrTiO3 Artificial Superlattice Thin Films and Their Electromechanical Response” has been published in J. Ceram. Soc. Jpn. We grew (Pb0.9Sr0.1)TiOn/SrTiOm artificial superlattice thin films, and investigated their electromechanical response. Synchrotron XRD indicated that the film with n/m = 14/20 had a weak periodicity in the in-plane direction, which may have arisen from the ordered polar vortex arrays existing in the PST layers. All the fabricated superlattice thin films showed the electric field-induced strain, though its magnitude was smaller than that for typical ferroelectric materials.

Citation: J. Ceram. Soc. Jpn. 128, 431-435 (2020).

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